Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting Services at Gathering Waters Design, Inc.

Marketing Planning Packages

Gathering Waters provides three levels of Marketing Planning to provide businesses and organizations of all sizes the benefit of a marketing professional at a reasonable prices.

  • Self-Guided Marketing Plan – starting at under $1,000
  • GWD Guided Marketing Plan
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing Evaluation

Gathering Waters will evaluate your current marketing situation to assist in your decisions on:

  • Whether you need to adjust your current marketing strategy
  • Whether you should embark on a comprehensive marketing planning process
  • If your current communications and advertising plan needs to be tweaked

Communications Avenues Evaluation

Analyze and rank all of the methods in which your sales message may be delivered to your target market to determine which avenues will be most effective.

Marketing and Communication/Advertising Budgeting

Develop a budget to fulfill the activities outlined in an existing marketing or communication plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a process of improving the visibility of a web site with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. so when people search topics or keywords that are related to a web site, the site will appear in top rankings of free listings. These “free” listings are also referred to as “organic” or “natural”.

Market Research and Analysis

Need a little more information before making a decision on:

  • Target markets
  • Competitive situations
  • Introduction of or changes to a product
  • Packaging or an advertising concept?

Gathering Waters can conduct all types of research including:

  • Primary research including focus groups, one-on-one interviewing and small group surveys
  • Secondary research

Corporate Identity/Image

An organization’s image begins with public perception, which is not always an accurate reflection of an organization’s true profile. A properly conceived and implemented image can build public awareness and acceptance to create a more favorable market position.

Gathering Waters can help you review your current identity/image and determine how it fits your market, target audience and message. From there we can assist in how to effectively promote your image.

New Product Development

Incorporates research of an organization’s current product line, manufacturing capabilities, market trends, market size and competitive products to determine the feasibility of a new product. Then developing the appropriate test marketing, strategy, marketing and distribution plans for the product.

Gathering Waters works with client on all of the above aspects or as many as are needed. We have assisted clients with identifying manufacturing and supplier opportunities, distribution as well as packaging that is feasible and suitable for the distribution channel and retail.

Community-Based Branding & Strategy Development

As economic development becomes more competitive and global, communities must be able to identify and promote the qualities that make them unique. Through research and the marketing planning process, communities can utilize the same type of proven marketing strategies businesses have been using for years.

Trade Show Consulting

Provide an organization with assistance on trade show scheduling, booth space and staffing requirements, display and graphic needs to effectively promote their products in a trade show situation. In addition, we can provide training in trade show selling skills for your booth staff.

Project Concept Development

Implementing individual projects within a marketing or communications plan from developing or refining the concept for the project to the production of the final piece.

Marketing Strategy

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