Digital Design

Digital Design

Digital design is the process of mapping out the look and feel of the content that people view and interact with through a digital interface.

Digital MarketingGathering Waters Design offers different facets of digital design:

  • Web Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Banner ads
  • Social media content
  • Email
  • PowerPoint
  • Info Graphics


A website is about as common for businesses these days as a logo. Websites act as hubs for a topic or service, incorporating many branching pages, and are used for information, business and commerce, entertainment and much more. Gathering Waters can build you a website or help revamp an existing site using the WordPress content management system.

Informational or static web sites are the simplest form of website containing information that does not change frequently and is comprised of text, photos, graphics, links to other sites or information, and basic forms. These sites can be maintained by the client utilizing the WordPress content management.

An e-commerce web site is designed to promote and sell products or services online. WordPress offers several shopping cart plugins that enable us to provide some pretty custom e-commerce experiences. We highly recommend our e-commerce clients utilize our hosting partner,, for their hosting provider. QTH provides us with excellent service and support.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a subset of web design, but it is more focused towards marketing purposes. Whereas a business’s website will act as the central channel for all things related to that business, a landing page is a single web page devoted to a specific product/service and usually contains a call-to-action. Often businesses will use a different landing pages for each of their products.

Gathering Waters will make sure there is a cohesive look and feel between all company landing pages so that visitors become more familiar with the Brand of the company and will recognize it in other digital channels.


Nowadays, a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, and can either be used for personal use or to fulfill a business need.

A blog needs to be updated frequently by adding new posts. Additionally, your blog is a tool that allows you to engage more with an audience, either by analyzing how many readers share your blog posts on social, or by allowing readers to comment on your individual posts. In this way, a blog is more like a two-way conversation than the rest of your website.

Gathering Waters can help your brand remain consistent on your blog as well as help you optimize your posts for higher rankings on Google.


Banner ads are small advertisements which are showcased on web pages where a brand has purchased advertising space. They function similarly to billboards and print ads in that they are designed to increase brand awareness and sell a product, but they are interactive, taking users who click on them to a landing page with more detailed information about the product.

Gathering Waters can create and place banner advertising for you and help track the results of your efforts.

Social Media

Social media include avatars, cover images and posted content for everything from Twitter to company blogs. Though photography is a common type of social media image, digital designers will often repurpose branding such as logos to create custom social media images for companies.

It is important to keep a consistent brand image across your social media channels. Gathering waters can help you create a brand standard and libraries of assets to keep your Social Media presences consistent.


Email designs create cohesive branding across a company’s communications in the same way that printed letterheads do. A great email design also increases reader retention by visually engaging recipients all the way to the bottom of the email. Gathering waters can create branded templates for your email needs.


PowerPoint designs are branded templates that companies use for all of their presentation needs. This might include sharing business plans and updates internally with employees or crafting pitch decks to sell their company or services to third parties. We can help you create PowerPoint templates that you can use internally or externaly to maintain your brand.


Digital infographics take advantage of animation and motion graphics to tell a story with information. Digital infographics are great for creating shareable content that entertains and informs readers about a brand or a topic related to the brand. We can illustrate a infographic for your ideas, process or products.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process of improving the visibility of a website, landing pages, blog post or social media post with search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. so when people search topics or keywords that are related to a website, the site will appear in top rankings of free listings. These “free” listings are also referred to as “organic” or “natural”.

Search Engine OptimizationThere are other forms of Search Engine Marketing which include targeted paid listings, Google Adwords, etc. Google Adwords is a keyword focused advertising tool provided by Google. The ads are pay-per-click based on daily budgets determined by Gathering Waters and the client.

The Search Engine Optimization process at Gathering Waters is customized to the client’s needs and budget but can involve:

  • Analysis of the current web site for searchability
  • Review of the client’s marketing plan
  • Analysis of competitive websites and searchability
  • Keyword analysis
  • Google Adwords
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing analysis and adjustments over a set interval for a set period of time.

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